Shopping Tips:  

  • Click  "Add to cart", select size (for T-shirts), Select Quantity...   move on to next item

(Check Mark indicates that item is included in your order.  Clicking the check mark will remove that item from your cart)

When finished shopping, click the Paypal symbol showing the total cost amount.

Use Paypal to complete order.


  • To purchase multiple T-shirts of different sizes, add the quantity of T-Shirts you would like to order, and add a note on the Paypal checkout form to clarify what sizes you want.  To order a size XXL T-shirt, order andn XL and add a note specifying the XXL size. Thanks!  


  • Shipping costs are automatically added for each item purchased (and are shown in the totaled amount)  Shipping costs vary by item to cover direct shipping cost. No cost to mail stickers.  


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